Welcome to the Embedded Computing Laboratory (EC Lab) at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore. The research group is directed by Dr. Khurram Bhatti. Embedded systems contain various combinations of different subsystems with different applications. The research focus of EC Lab is to address computing artifacts such as digital systems, computer architectures, computing models, algorithms, and software from the perspective of the requirements and constraints related to embedded systems such as power & energy efficiency, security, predictability, and real-time so as to propose novel techniques for modeling, optimizing, and verifying current and future embedded computing systems. The EC Lab aims at designing innovative computing systems for the mobile and embedded domain that offer high performance, flexibility, energy-efficiency, and predictability.

Research Thrusts:

News and Updates

  • 9/2017- Dr. Khurram Bhatti, served on the PhD defense committee of Maria Mendez Real at the University of South Brittany (UBS), France

  • 9/2017- Dr. Khurram Bhatti, represented ITU Lahore at Embedded Systems Workshop held at the University of South Brittany (UBS), Lorient, France

  • 9/2017- Mr. Usman Ali joins ECLab as Graduate Student Fellow

  • 9/2017- Ms. Maryam Idrees joins ECLab as Graduate Student Fellow

  • 9/2017- Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Randhawa joins ECLab as Research Associate

  • 8/2017- ECLab wins European PERIDOT PHC research grant for e-health.SECURE project (2017-2019)

  • 8/2017- ECLab wins ITU's first US Patent

  • 8/2017- ECLab's PhD student secures Prestigeous EIFFEL Excellence Fellowship

  • 5/2017 - Multiple Research Positions Open at ECLab, ITU

  • 10/2016- ECLab welcomes Muhammad Asim Mukhtar as full time PhD Student

  • 10/2016- Director ECLab, Dr Khurram Bhatti, visits University of South Brittany (UBS), France

  • 10/2016- Iqra Safdar secured PhD position in Scientometric Lab, ITU, Lahore

  • 10/2016- Ms Sarah Amin (Research Associate), has secured a fully funded PhD position at the University of Siegen, Germany

  • 11/2016- Iqra Safdar joins ECLab as Teaching Assistant

  • 9/2016- Ahmad Awais joins ECLab as Teaching Assistant

  • 4/2016- “A Novel Heterogeneous FPGA Architecture Based on Memristor-Transistor Hybrid Approach” Published in IEEE DTIS 2016

  • 2/2016 - Salman Taha joins ECLab for MS Thesis on “Secure and Dynamic Application Deployment in Many-Core Architecture”



Team associated with the Embedded Computing lab have been engaged in following projects at Information Technology University (ITU).

  • TSUNAMY (Harware and Software ManagemenT of Data SecUrity iN MAnY-core Platform)
  • PaPP (Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores).
  • COMCAS (COmmunication-centric heterogeneous Multi-Core ArchitectureS).
  • Pherma (Parallel, Heterogeneous, Energy Efficient, Real-time, Multiprocessor Architecture).
  • STORM (Simulation TOol for Real-time Multiprocessor scheduling).
  • EIFFEL VADE-MECUM 2017 has been awarded to ECLab Researcher in the area of ​information security in many-core computing ​systems
  • e-health.SECURE project has been awarded the European PERIDOT PHC research grant to ECLab Researchers


Faculty associated with the Embedded Computing lab is engaged in teaching following courses at Information Technology University (ITU).

  • [ACA] Advanced Computer Architecture – Grad course
  • [RTES] Real-Time Embedded Systems – Grad course
  • [EDC] Electronics Devices and Circuits – Undergrad course
  • [CA] Computer Architecture/Organization – Undergrad course
  • [DLD] Digital Logic Design –Undergrad course


Dr Khurram Bhatti

Lab Director, Assistant Professor

Embedded Systems, Real-time and Mixed Criticality Systems, Parallel Computing Systems, Context-aware Computing, and Multicore/Manycore Scheduling.


Dr. Mujeeb-U-Rehman

Assistant Professor

His research work is focused on using multidisciplinary approaches to develop innovative solutions for public health.


Muhammad Asim Mukhtar

PhD Student

Asim did his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from COMSATS Lahore in 2008 and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering

from The University of Lahore in 2015. He has works as embedded systems engineer at Dr Inam Elahi R&D lab for 3 years and as lecturer at The University of Lahore for 5 years before joining ECLab.


Rizwan Habid Randhawa

Research Associate

Rizwan has done his BS in Electronic Engineering. He has more than eight years of industrial experience in hardware design of microprocessor and

microcontroller based systems for UAVs, satellites and IoT systems. During his Master in Computer Science from ITU Lahore, he has been engaged in research for energy efficient operating systems and secure application layer protocols for IoT devices. His interests in embedded system and IoT security lead him to join EC lab where he is actively involved in research for security of cloud systems. His research interests include side channel attacks analysis and development of attack detection and mitigation techniques for IAAS


Umair Khan

Research Associate

Umair did his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from UET Peshawar in 2013 and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from

LUMS in 2016. His areas of expertise are Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture. Umair has experience of working as a Teaching Assistant for Embedded System, Circuit Analysis and Computer Architecture courses at LUMS.


Taila Jabeen

Graduate Student Fellow

Description Here


Usman Ali

Graduate Student Fellow

Usman has completed his B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore (SCET, Lahore) with distinction. He won South

Asia Triple Hilux Association (SATAH) Award for designing ‘Smart Power Distribution Management Systems’ in Innovation to invention summit 2017 held in Punjab University & UMT Lahore. He also secured 2nd position in National level programming competition ‘Think n Code’ in PIEAS National Olympiad 2015 held in PIEAS, Islamabad. He served as IEEE SCET Student Branch Chair during year 2016 and he organized many events in campus. He secured grant of $675 to attend 2nd IEEE PES Student Congress in Malaysia in August 2016.


Muhammad Manzar Maqbool

Graduate Student Fellow

Manzar completed his Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from CIIT Islamabad in 2016. In his undergraduate studies he worked on

implementation of a Digital Computer, based on the classical MIPS architecture, in 'Field Programmable Gate Arrays' (FPGA) using Verilog HDL. His current research interests are geared towards experimentation on the Approximate Computing paradigm in Digital Communication Systems where he is trying to implement a communication system using state of the art approximate adders and multipliers in order to quantify the errors introduced because of them.


Maryam Idrees

Graduate Student Fellow

Maryam completed B.Sc. Electronics Engineering from UET Taxila in 2014 and currently doing Masters in Electrical Engineering. Her research interests

are in the field of Embedded Systems. She has joined ECLab in 2017. Maryam worked at Government College of Technology Gujranwala as co-instructor for Associate Degree of Electronics Program in 2015 and as Lab Engineer at GIFT University Gujranwala for two academic years.


Maham Chauhdry

Graduate Student Fellow

Maham Chaudhry did B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from Government College University Lahore in 2014 and currently doing Masters in Electrical

Engineering. Her research work is related to Hardware security. She had completed Management Associate Program in PTCL, before joining ECLab.


Ahmad Awais Chaudhary

Teaching Assistant

Ahmad Awais is a Professional Services Consultant with 2.5+ years of work experience in software industry. Ahmad is currently working in

Teradata Applications Development/Migrations department of Teradata GDC since June 2014



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