Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab, Assistant Professor and Embedded Computing Laboratory (ECLab), Electrical Engineering Department, Director Dr Khurram Bhatti along with two researchers from France, Dr. S. Bilavarn and Dr C Belleudy, has been granted a patent in the United States for their research work on "Method for scheduling with deadline constraints, in particular in Linux, carried out in user space" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Dr Umar Saif, the founding vice-chancellor of ITU termed it a remarkable success of Pakistan’s first IT-led research university, ITU, which has opened the doors for Pakistani researchers to excel in invention and innovation activities through in-depth research in the related areas in collaboration with the world class experts and to improve the existing technology tools. Soon more outstanding successes would emerge as a result of the ongoing efforts of the ITU faculty, he added.

ITU Assistant Professor Dr Khurram Bhatti said that he had proposed patching Linux operating system for hard real-time systems without modifying kernel. In the patent, the researchers have proposed modification of a well-known and globally used operating system Linux for real-time systems without compromising the stability of Linux Kernel.

Dr. Khurram Bhatti

Lab Director, ECLab, ITU

Dr. Sébastien Bilavarn

Researcher, France

Dr. Cécile Belleudy

Researcher, France